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Piiq Risk Partners launch podcast series, Piiq Perspective

20 January 2022

We are excited to introduce you to our new podcast series, Piiq Perspective – the podcast series that examines key challenges to insurance and risks that face the aerospace industry. These podcasts provide a deeper insight into the topics that are relevant to our sector such as Claims, Analytics, Power of Partnerships and ESG.

Episode 1 | Claims | 19 January 2022

In our first episode on claims, Jennifer Russell, Global Head of Claims is joined by Neil Gittos, UK Head of Claims and Sylvain Devouge, Account Services Manager of Piiq SAS as we explore issues surrounding claims handling.

In this episode, you will get to learn in more details about what keeps risk managers awake at night, the most important part of claims handling, a US and European perspective on active litigations, our outlook for 2022 and many more.

Listen to the full podcast on Claims here.

Episode 2 | Analytics | 2 February 2022

As we know, there is a need to capture good data. Analytics is about the collection of data and displaying creative insights from this data.

In the second episode of Piiq Perspective, Henry Bexson, Associate Partner and Michael Raminski, Global Head of Analytics talk about the application of analytics, best practices and what it means in the insurance sector.

Listen to the full podcast on Analytics here.

Episode 3 | Power of Partnerships | 16 February 2022

Mark Hue Williams, Senior Partner Piiq Risk Partners is joined by Len llaguno, Founding and Managing Partner Kyros Insights as they discuss the power and importance of partnerships.

In this episode, we focus on airline loyalty programmes, key fundamentals and ingredients of these programmes and how partnerships have changed in light of Covid-19.

Listen to the full podcast on Power of Partnerships here.

Episode 4 | ESG | 2 March 2022

In our final episode on ESG, Neil Maynard, Senior Partner Piiq Risk Partners and Rachel Delhaise, Head of sustainability Convex Insurance discuss the integration of ESG factors in the insurance industry and how these will likely influence and impact our sector going forward.

Listen to the full podcast on ESG here.

We hope you find all of the podcasts useful!

For all media enquiries, please contact Elinor Zuke or Abi Stevens at Zuke Communications elinor@zuke.co.uk.

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